SPEAKER topics


How to live a life of resiliency when faced with disease, disappointments and heartaches.  Specific steps on how to live YOUR best life in times of difficulty, while taking necessary steps to increase in resiliency and endurance.


Finding your purpose

Steps on identifying your individual strengths and talents.  Taking initiative daily to pursue your purpose in life.  Understanding that which you are called to do and finding greater fulfillment in daily living.


When we eliminate fear (of embarrassment, judgement, defeat), identify our obstacles and adjust our thinking, we can begin to develop confidence. 

Confidence is not arrogance, education or experience. It is not about control or manipulation.  

Confidence is a skill.  A skill we develop through focus, discipline, practice and action. 

Authentic Leadership

Not striving for perfection but instead striving to be real in all aspects of life. Learn from life's experiences, practice steps to ensure your growth while inspiring others to move forward while being authentic. 

The Power

of Our Words

A message about taming and controlling our tongue. Learning to speak words that line up with the Word of God.